NYC Portraits

A series of portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Maggie Shannon of interesting people in her home city of New York and their thoughts on the subject of time.

In order of appearance...

1. Roy Werner, Composer 
"One's sense of timing, in an algorithmically abstracted pseudo-rhythmic realm, can only be further enhanced through possession of a high caliber watch as such."

2. Caroline Tompkins, Photo Editor / Freelance Photographer 
"Turns out wearing a watch doesn't make you less late." 

3. Lizania Cruz, Designer
"It’s on us to shape the time we live in. In our country, in our communities and as individuals. This is our time – make it meaningful."

4. Jesse Chun, Artist
"Currently listening to the Brothers Johnson, Right On Time."

5. Isabelle Jusseaume, Artist / Founder of Art Vandelay Press
"Finding the time to be creative, for self care, and sometimes for doing nothing."

6. Arjun Srivatsa & Erin Schwartz, Writers
"I think we should go on the early side.
"Well, I think we should get there late."
"How about a compromise – let's go right on time."

7. Daniel Johnson, Artist / Educator
"I like watches. I don't really care about time that much except if I'm waiting for something. Then it's good to have a watch so I know how much I can complain. it's even better if the watch looks cool so I can angrily gesture at it and show it off."