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  • Ã minute with… Matti Varga

    We take a moment to chat to Hungarian photographer Matti Varga about how her upbringing influenced her creative path, and what she does to recharge.

    Hi, tell us about yourself.
    My name is Marietta Varga, but everyone just calls me Matti. I’m a full time photographer and visual artist specialising in architectural, interior, still life and travel photography.

    How has your upbringing influenced your creative path?
    I believe my upbringing had no direct effect on my creativity in a traditional sense. By this I mean that I am not coming from an artistic family, hence I was not influenced by continuous artistic impulses in my childhood. At the same time, I was impacted by various, mainly psychogenic events, which have developed my creativity and fantasy immensely.

    Nevertheless, luckily I have a supportive family who always gave me space to try myself in different areas that I was interested in. I was never restricted as a kid which has helped me to find my way as an adult.

    A place that is special to you?
    Lake Balaton is really close to my heart. It always makes me calm and relaxed and also I have a lot of memories connected to this place as I grew up next to it.

    Favourite architect?
    It’s hard to choose only one, because I admire a lots of architects. But one of the most memorable moments happened just last summer, when I had the chance to visit and take some photos of Walden7 by Ricardo Bofill. It was a truly amazing experience.

  • Last meal you cooked?
    Stuffed eggplant with fried sweet-potatoes and salad for my childhood-friend. 🙂 I chose to make this because this is one of my specialties; it’s very healthy and filling.

    Most played song?
    “Nocturne No. 2 In E-Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2” by Chopin.

    This song fills my heart with so many complex emotions. I can totally  “get lost” when I listen to it and I never get tired of it.

    When you’re burnt out, what do you do to recharge?
    Whenever I get a chance I like to travel and  to discover new cities, cultures and architectural masterpieces.

    Also, spending time in nature is super precious for me. For instance, visiting Lake Balaton is a good way to reconnect with nature.

    A recent discovery that brings you joy?
    I would say bodyart training. I really like this type of work-out.

    2023 mantra?
    I have no specific mantra, but in general, I am driven and motivated by self-reflection, consciousness and self-awareness. I try to get better at these and I aim to put a focus on developing such skills this year. 🙂