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NYC Portraits /

A series of portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Maggie Shannon of interesting people in her home city of New York and their thoughts on the subject of time.

In order of appearance...

1. Roy Werner, Composer 
"One's sense of timing, in an algorithmically abstracted pseudo-rhythmic realm, can only be further enhanced through possession of a high caliber watch as such."

2. Caroline Tompkins, Photo Editor / Freelance Photographer 
"Turns out wearing a watch doesn't make you less late." 

3. Lizania Cruz, Designer
"It’s on us to shape the time we live in. In our country, in our communities and as individuals. This is our time – make it meaningful."

4. Jesse Chun, Artist
"Currently listening to the Brothers Johnson, Right On Time."

5. Isabelle Jusseaume, Artist / Founder of Art Vandelay Press
"Finding the time to be creative, for self care, and sometimes for doing nothing."

6. Arjun Srivatsa & Erin Schwartz, Writers
"I think we should go on the early side.
"Well, I think we should get there late."
"How about a compromise – let's go right on time."

7. Daniel Johnson, Artist / Educator
"I like watches. I don't really care about time that much except if I'm waiting for something. Then it's good to have a watch so I know how much I can complain. it's even better if the watch looks cool so I can angrily gesture at it and show it off."

Dome Black /

Classic Neu by James Lacroix /

The Classic Neu range by photographer and long time collaborator James Lacroix.

Some insight into his inspiration and process below:

"I was inspired by the clean lines and simplicity of the Classic Neu and wanted to honour the design with photography that highlighted those features. I paired the minimal timepieces with neutral colour palettes and simplified compositions. For some of the photographs, I tried to emphasise the boldness of the watches by mixing playful and organic lifework into the frame which produces an almost surrealist quality to the final results."

NXJ Collective Takeover /

We had the opportunity to meet up with our long time collaborators NXJ Collective who spent a week down in the AÃRK Collective studio cooking up a new takeover project.

The fragile paradox between minimalism and chaos were explored during our time together; and some insight into the creative process was documented and shared over the course of a one week takeover via Instagram. 

Eclipse Silver /

James Lacroix /

Here at AÃRK, we are very much into connecting with creative people we admire and respect.

We asked Midwest photographer James Lacroix to be a guest editor on our Instagram account for a week by sharing one picture per day. True to form, James delivered a great set of images which highlight his crisp aesthetic and strength in portrait photography. With an innate ability to capture varying subjects in a powerful way, James' work really speaks for itself.

To see more from James, check out his website here.

Marble Nero /

Leta Sobierajski /


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Monk House Design: Good Looks No.8 /

Photography: Sam Wong
Styling & Art Direction: Nat Turnbull for Monk House Design 
Model: Genevieve Walshe (wearing the Classic White Peach)



Shell Brown /

Ray Ranoa /

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Brooke DiDonato /

Uncanny eye candy by NYC artist Brooke DiDonato.

Design Collateral /

New branding collateral; postcards, stickers and packaging for our 002 Collection launch. 

Classic Navy Ink /

Photo [via AÃRK Pinterest] /

Tide Gold /

Classic Tortoise /

Classic Neu Black /

Marble Nero by Leta Sobierajski /

The Marble Nero shot and styled by Leta Sobierajski.

Transitions with Chloe Alyshea /

Maria Van Nguyen /


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Shell White /

Line [via AÃRK Pinterest] /

Multi on Film /

The Multi on film photographed by Estelle Shing

Romeo Pokomasse /

Romeo Pokomasse is an all-round creative whose folio of work spans branding strategy, design, art direction and surprisingly, tattooing. His strength, however, lies in photography; behind the lens he has an exceptional eye for beauty, and a signature aesthetic marked by minimal and graphic compositions. Working alongside his girlfriend Ivania Carpio, of the Netherlands blog Love Aesthetics, Romeo produces quality content both brilliant in concept and execution.

As fans of his work, we asked Romeo to be our very first guest editor on our Instagram account. Here's what he shared with us over the course of one week.

Architecture [via AÃRK Pinterest] /

Dome Gold /

Chloe Alyshea /

Chloe Alyshea is a woman who wears many hats. Or perhaps, a better analogy would be: a woman who walks in many pairs of shoes. She's a sneaker enthusiast (sneakers play an ever-present role in her personal style), a writer, a photographer and a stylist. Her main gig, however, is Editor-in-Chief of THRLD, an online platform which she founded with partner Jordi Bombeeck (aka Bien Philty) covering fashion, art and music inspired by the urban youth and street culture.

As admirers of her work and ongoing search for emerging talent and creative concepts through her publication, we asked Chloe to guest edit our Instagram account for one week. Here's what she shared with us.

Eclipse Rose /

Pande /

The Classic Sterling shot and styled by Pande (@pnd.e).

Cecy Young /

AÃRK Collective in Paris.

Shot and styled by Cecy Young.

Featuring the Shell White and Marble Carrara worn by Julia Campbell-Gillies

Marble Carrara /

Post Workout Story /

Graphic [via AÃRK Pinterest] /

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